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Converting Words to Math

post by Tim Isbell, November 2015

In the summer of 2014, some of our coaches and English speaking students helped four incoming immigrant students learn enough English and math to survive in a Cupertino high school by the fall. The new students understood math okay, but they had virtually no experience in English. So our strategy was to work a lot of word problems together.

To do this, Robin found a helpful tool on that helped our ESL students learn the appropriate math terms they'd need in math classes. And it also helped all our students learn how to turn word problems into math equations.

I'm posting the tool on this web page, so it's more readily accessible to our students and coaches during our weekly coaching sessions. The source for the chart is Math-Aids.Com >> Word Problems: Words to Symbols Word Problems where you can download a printable PDF version. While there, check out their full collection of similar resources.


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