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Education and Employment

posted Jan 31, 2013, 10:23 AM by Tim Isbell   [ updated Jan 31, 2013, 3:19 PM ]

The table on the right shows some important data for  young students (and their parents). It illustrates the huge impact of education at finding employment.

At the end of 2012 the overall unemployment rate in the United States was 7.8%. As you can see from the chart, within this number the unemployment rate varied widely by educational attainment! Despite all the anecdotal stories that might make you think otherwise, there is plenty of work available for educated people.

The message in this chart is: get as much education as you can.

I'm posting it on the Math Coaching website because I'm convinced that getting a good math education is even more valuable than most other forms of education - partly because when a student improves in math they also improve in science and in business. Math and science skills greatly improve employment prospects even above the percentages in the chart. 

So if you are a Villa Garcia student, or have one in your family, and they need some help in math please get in contact with us. Robin has a program that works with younger children on Tuesday afternoons, I have a program for older students, those studying pre-algebra and higher, on Tuesday nights. Drop by sometime and check these out, or contact us directly.

All the best,

Tim Isbell

Unemployment percentages by level of education:

 Less than high school diploma    11.7%
 High school graduate, no college    8.0%
 Some college or associate's degree    6.9%
 College bachelor's degree or higher 3.9%

Data is from the end of 2012. To read the source article for this data click Financial Ramblings.